Nvidia needs Video clips from you

It goes without saying that Nvidia has been doing wonders in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With its advanced AI technology, they have revolutionized games to a completely new level, from the aliased rectangular graphics to realistic graphics.  As much they work on improving their graphic cards with every newer version, they are working on improving live streaming features as well. If you have a working knowledge of machine learning which is one of the core concepts of AI, you should be familiar with the training of a model. Greater the data to train, the better would be the accuracy or output of the trained model.  Though it sounds easy it is never a piece of cake to get as much training data as needed. So Nvidia has reached out to public for sharing short video clips taken on webcams. This would then be used for training the model.

“NVIDIA’s RTX Broadcast Engine delivers powerful AI-driven features to enhance your live streams, gameplay, web conferencing, and more.”

If you want to submit your “short video clip” and contribute to its training model. You can refer to this link

You would be directed to this page.

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