Android 11 Launched

The wait is finally over with Google launching its latest Android 11 officially. After months of beta testing, Android 11 is finally here. It is available on select  Pixel, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and realme phones. For OnePlus it would be available on 8/8 Pro devices along with Oxygen OS beta. According to the developer’s post, Android 11 was built with a focus on three themes: a People-centric approach to communication, Controls to let users quickly get to and control all of their smart devices, and Privacy to give users more ways to control how data on devices is shared.  You would get an additional option in your app permissions which can give you better control over the data accessed by apps. It includes support for 5G communication as well.

Android 11, in whole, would have better data processing and would be faster than its predecessor.

In Android 11 we’ve made the OS more dynamic and resilient as a whole by fine-tuning memory reclaiming processes, such as forcing user-imperceptible restarts of processes based on RSS HWM thresholds. Also, to improve performance and memory, Android 11 adds Binder caching, which optimizes highly used IPC calls to system services by caching data for those that retrieve relatively static data. Binder caching also improves battery life by reducing CPU time.- Android Developers

It has improved media controls which gives you an option to select the output for your audio or video content. This feature was exclusive on computes previously but not anymore. You can switch your audio output as in the picture.

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