Create your own Chrome Address Bar actions

With Google Chrome you can create your custom address bar actions. You can look up for certain files, sites, settings with your own custom keyword. Lets dig in.

Open up Settings on your Chrome. You can either click on the three dots on the top right corner of your browser or type in chrome://settings/ in your address bar. Scroll down to Search Engine.

Click on Manage search engines. You are probably seeing the Add search engine option now. Yes, go ahead and click it.

Now, comes the fun part. I am going to show you how to create a custom address bar action. For me, when it comes to recalling passwords, it ends up in a brain fart, which forces me to refer to the password section. So, I have created my own custom address bar action keyword which I use to pull up the page instantly. In the Search Engine, I typed in Password. For the keyword section, you can set any letter of your choice. In this example, I will set it as P. The next section would be the URL. You will have to manually go to the Password section first through settings. Once you are on the password page, copy the URL of that page and paste it into the URL section. Click Add

Now when I type in just the letter P in the address bar of chrome and press enter, it takes me to the password page directly.

There you go with the password page. It saves your time and yes, it goes without saying, saves your time as well. You can do a lot with it. Not only can you set a keyword for a certain section of your chrome but also for sites, google drive, docs etc. Now that you know how it works, give it a try.

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