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WhatsApp search the web

In the wake of fake news being circulated through its channel, WhatsApp had previously introduced a feature to identify a forwarded message. It tags such messages with an arrow and a title “Forwarded”. In order to validate the authenticity of the “Forwarded” message, users could then look it up on internet. In a bid to … Continue reading WhatsApp search the web

Folding at Home

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly like we have ever seen. With Governments implementing various ways to curb the infection and reduce to a minimum, it has not been a major success and desperately calls in for anti-COVID drugs. There has been major progress in the research of anti-COVID medicines, which has culminated in medical trials … Continue reading Folding at Home

Nvidia needs Video clips from you

It goes without saying that Nvidia has been doing wonders in the field of Artificial Intelligence. With its advanced AI technology, they have revolutionized games to a completely new level, from the aliased rectangular graphics to realistic graphics.  As much they work on improving their graphic cards with every newer version, they are working on … Continue reading Nvidia needs Video clips from you


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