Fabricated WhatsApp version for iPhone Reported

If you are one of those who are keen to get hold of an update prior to others, you might want to keep a check on your habit. According to reports, Italian surveillance company Cy4Gate has fabricated Whatsapp to target individuals which are similar to the spyware made by Israel’s NSO group previously in 2019. It uses a professionally designed and look alike fabricated Whatsapp page compelling enough to make users download a fake version of Whatsapp. It is a special configuration file for the┬áiPhone which gives hackers access to your phone information which could include information like UDID(Unique Device Identifier) and IMEI(┬áInternational Mobile Equipment Identity) of your phone. WhatsApp is aware of this and has assured action against the fake app. Until this is removed, we advise users to update or download the app from trusted and authoritative sources only.