Folding at Home

COVID-19 has been spreading rapidly like we have ever seen. With Governments implementing various ways to curb the infection and reduce to a minimum, it has not been a major success and desperately calls in for anti-COVID drugs.

There has been major progress in the research of anti-COVID medicines, which has culminated in medical trials on humans already. However, it is yet to be attested for public use. In a bid to curb this pandemic, “Folding@Home”, which is a distributed computing project aimed to help scientists in determining the actual working traits of COVID and finding a fix, has reached out to the public for help.

How can we help?

In order to determine the mechanism of COVID and finding an appropriate drug, it would require vast computational power. The data needed for this project would be huge which needs a higher computational power or server. Things might sound a little complex but that is certainly not what it looks like. All you need to do is download the software from their website. You can click here to access the page. Once you download the software, you would have a list of options to go through, where you can set a limit to the computational power that you are willing to offer.  If you have a set of high-end graphics cards installed in your system, it can throw in some real power for computation. Let’s fight to exterminate COVID and contribute to this project. We will release a video tutorial on it soon.


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